Be Calm Proven Techniques to Stop Anxiety Now (Jill Weber PhD)




Manage anxiety anytime and anywhere with simple, practical strategies

If you suffer from anxiety, you may feel helpless to reduce your panic symptoms, avoidance behavior, or worried thoughts. Be Calm empowers you to handle your anxiety whenever and wherever it strikes with simple evidence-based techniques that can reduce your anxious feelings and responses on the spot.

Learn about the causes of different types of anxiety and their physical and psychological effects. Then learn how to implement effective, practical strategies to help you control even the most acute symptoms, from social anxiety to insomnia to panic attacks. Now when you find yourself in anxiety-producing situations, you’ll always be prepared.

This easy, accessible self help guide includes:

  • Easy-to-navigate layout—Jump right to what you need with an index for addressing specific situations: emotional or physical symptoms, behavioral disruptions, or unhelpful thoughts.
  • Proven methods—Discover up-to-date psychological tools drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and mindfulness practices.
  • Supportive journaling—Find greater insight with interactive “Go Deeper” journaling prompts that take therapeutic strategies to the next level.